Pembayaran Invoice Dengan Mata Uang Asing (Impor)

Merubah mata uang dan mengisi nilai tukar.

  • Select the currency used on the invoice and use the rate used when payment is made.
  • Fill in the amount stated on the invoice.
  • Click the icon next to the yellow column to see a list of vendors.

Memilih invoice dan edit diskon

  • Click each number up to the “EUR Gross” column “Not assigned” with ‘0’ is allocated to the value in the “Assigned” column.
  • If there is a difference, double-click on the “Post difference” column to allocate the value “Not assigned”.

Mereview jurnal dalam pencatatan menggunakan mata uang asing.

  1. This notification indicates that the blue text has errors in its details. Usually we have to fill in the “Cost Center”. Double click on the text whose details will be corrected, and it will enter the details page of the account.
  2. Listing in EUR currency, does not result in “Gain/Loss Foreign Exchange”.
  3. Click this icon to change the EUR recording journal to IDR.

Mereview jurnal pencatatan dalam mata uang lokal.

  • Listing in EUR, resulting in “Gain/Loss on Foreign Exchange”.

Mereview daftar hutang terhadap vendor.