SFAI – Human Resources

The digital transformation has made it essential to change the way of working and leading teams. 

Businesses encourage making decisions all the time, and for this reason is necessary for leaders to have mental clarity, focus on results and have the right talent to accompany this process. 

This new context has modified both the delivery of products and services, and there is no time to adapt to so much change. 

That is why it is necessary to attract the right talent, acquire new skills and carry out processes and methodologies transformation, that allow us to accompany digitization and the great change process that all companies are facing.

Description of the 3 service pillars: 

  1. TALENT (Selection, Headhunting)
  2. LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT (Leaders Training and High-Performance Teams)
  3. CULTURAL TRANSFORMATION (End-to-end projects that include methodology, processes, and change management for the whole area or organization members).


What truly differentiates a successful company from another that is not, are the skills that its people have to meet the objectives.

That is why it is so important to attract people who adapt to the company’s corporate culture and can integrate with the least possible impact. Accompanying this process with the necessary induction and providing them with the guidelines that will make them join the team in a short period of time is essential. 


What do today’s leaders need?

  • Grow professionally within their organization
  • Improve their performance
  • Feel less stressed
  • Clarity when making decisions
  • Reinvent themselves
  • Improve their negotiation and sales skills
  • Be more strategic
  • Manage time and emotions in a better way
  • Being able to enjoy their free time
  • Reach better results
  • Learn to delegate
  • Give constructive feedback to their collaborators
  • Know how to evaluate their work teams

What do we do for them?

We help them achieve a better standard of professional and personal life through the development of skills, behaviors, and the generation of new habits with which they can achieve high performance, in addition to the aforementioned objectives. 

How do we do it?

  • Habits generation for high performance with Neuroscience techniques applied to leadership.
  • Networking / Masterminds to help them realize that they share this problem with other colleagues and that they can learn from it.
  • Healthy lifestyle, integrating their work life to their personal one. 


  • They move faster on their specific problems
  • Online support to have the necessary content when they do not take sessions
  • Support material
  • Content pills for leaders with little time 


  • Possibility of networking
  • Capsules (Pills) of content
  • Interaction with colleagues
  • Creation of synergy for work teams
  • Development of necessary common skills for the team


Digitization does not work if it is not accompanied by a cultural transformation. People are the ones who make the difference.

In cultural transformation projects, we work transversally within the company, managing people changes to stimulate adaptation to the new processes and methodologies that need to be incorporated. 

We carry out cultural transformation projects to:

  • M&A
  • Creation of new areas within a company
  • Company restructurings
  • Expansion of SMEs
  • Improvement in specific areas of the company
  • Incorporation of new systems, methodologies, digitization, etc.

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