Recording Complex Posting


Aktifkan form general ledger.

  • TCode: fb50
  • Or you can choose a menu like the above image.



Isi dengan data yang diperlukan

  • Fill “Reference” for future document filter/sorting.
  • Click the icon next to the yellow column to choose the account number. Sometimes “Tax code” and “Cost center” notifications will come up.
  • Green light means debit and credit already equal.



Aktifasi menu “Complex Posting”

  • Choose “Environment” from the main menu above and click “Complex posting”.
  • Or you can use F6 to activate the “Complex posting” feature.



Mengisi nilai posting key (PstKy)

  1. The “PstKy” (Posting Key) value is mandatory for choosing vendor, customer, GL account, or fixed asset into debit or credit status.
  2. Click the icon next to the yellow box column to show “Posting Key” list exists.