How to Handle Repetitive Journal


Aktifkan form “GL Account Line Item Display”

  • Activate TCode: FBL1N in a new window to see transaction details. example; BANK IDR 123456 (236600), after the details appear, then double-click to see the document (document overview) of this bank fee transaction.



Periksa Jurnal dan Copy Nomor Dokumen

  1. Click the “mountain” icon to review the transaction journal.
  2. Copy value of the “Doc. no”.



Jurnal transaksi



Aktifkan window baru

  • Type TCode: FB50;
  • or you can choose the menu as the image above.



Aktivasi fitur “Post with reference”

  1. Click the menu as above image;
  2. or you can press Shift+F9



Masukan nomor dokumen yang telah di-copy pada tahap 2

  • After writing or pasting the document number, press “Enter” button.



Menentukan tanggal dokumen dan proses posting

  • Fill the “Document Date” and press “Enter”.



Posting dokumen dan notifikasi

  1. Click the floppy disk icon to posting the document.
  2. Notification will show up after the posting process.