Reversing Document (Journal)

Aktifkan Dokumen Overview Atas Suatu Transaksi

  • Activate TCode: FBL1N in a new window to see transaction details, for example: BANK IDR 123456 (236600), after the details appear, double-click to see a document (document overview) of this bank fee transaction

Periksa Jurnal dan Copy Nomor Dokumen

  • Copy value in “Doc. no.” section.
  • Click the icon mountain to see the journal of this transaction.

Transaction journal review

Aktivasi form reversal

  1. Activate new window.
  2. Use TCode: FB08 to activate window “Individual Reversal”.

Proses posting

  1. Paste document number that have been copied in step 2.
  2. Type “01” or choose from “Reason for Reversal” list.
  3. Click icon google (Display before reversal) for confirmation.
  4. Click the floopy disk icon after reviewing the confirmation process.

Lihat notifikasi

  • This notification shows that the posting process is already done (successfully).

Kembali Ke Window Sebelumnya Untuk Melihat Dokumen Yang Telah Dibuat

  • Return to the previous window, repeat the TCode: FBL1N (not FBL10N) process, for the IDR 123456 (236000) Bank account. Document type “AB” indicates this new transaction results from a “Reversing Document” process. Can be seen producing “Text” or a similar description.