Mencatat Biaya Kirim Sebagai HPP

Mengaktifkan Form Pencatatan Vendor Invoice

  • Write T-Code: MIRO or choose menu below



Mengaktifkan form pencatatan vendor invoice

  1. Choose “Subsequent Debit” from the list box. This is different for recording inventory invoices.
  2. Fill with “Basic Data” as in invoice from forwarding/shipping vendor or related shipment document invoice and press “Enter”



Memilih detail PO yang sesuai dengan invoice

  1. Choose “Details” tab.
  2. Fill with “Details” information as in invoice from shipment vendor (Inv. Party) or related to other shipment document and press “Enter”
  3. If you process custom invoice, change the code with “other” or “Govt.” (government).



Memilih detail PO yang sesuai dengan invoice – 2

  1. Fill with PO number related current invoice.
  2. Click this icon if the current invoice from multi-purchase order (current case is multi PO).



Menambahkan PO (multi PO untuk sebuah invoice)

  1. Type PO number or you can choose by clicking the icon.
  2. Click the “Adopt” button.
  3. Click the icon to show PO detail.



Memilih barang dalam tiap PO

  • This is the view of PO Detail and chooses/click the item as in PO related to current invoice so the line will change to blue.



Melakukan simulasi jurnal

  • Press Ctrl+Shift+F7. Or you can choose “Simulate Document” from the ‘Menu’ list.



Melakukan proses posting

From top to bottom (as in the image above):

  1. Inventory -> Items has been received
  2. Expenses from price differences material -> Items have not been received yet
  3. The “Post” button will show up if the amount next to ‘Bal.’ already ‘0’. Click it for the posting process.