Mencatat Vendor Invoice – Logistik


Mengaktifkan form pencatatan vendor invoice

  • Write T-Code: MIRO or choose menu below



Isi data lebih lanjut sesuai dokumen invoice dari vendor logistik

  1. Fill “Reference” text box with the invoice number and the vendor’s name will automatically show up in the right big text box.
  2. Choose “Purchase Order/Schedulling Agreement” from list box, fill with the PO number in the next text box, and press “Enter”.
  3. And then the PO details will be shown.
  4. Click this icon to enlarge “Detail PO”.



Memilih detail PO yang sesuai dengan Invoice

  1. This is the view of PO Details.
  2. Click in line with an item that matches with a current invoice, fills/edit on each ‘Amount’ column with the total price and ‘Quantity’ column with quantity as in PO. Check the “Balance” text box at the top right page, and it must be ‘0’.
  3. If the yellow icon showed up and the description “Correct but blocked” means the item has not been received yet, it will be an issue for the payment process.
  4. Click the “Simulate” icon if green (normal) or yellow (Correct but blocked) notification in no.3 shows up.



Review Jurnal

  • This journal view is the result of the “Simulate” process, and click “back” for editing transactions or “Post” for posting this journal.



Notifikasi dokumen telah berhasil di-posting

  • The ‘green checkmark icon will show up as a notification that a document/journal has been created.